Lack of focus on sustainability in the Fitness World

“There’s no difference between a pessimist who says, “Oh, it’s hopeless, so don’t bother doing anything”, and an optimist who says ”Don’t Bother doing anything, it’s going to turn out fine anyway.” Either way, nothing happens.” - Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia

Here at TrainPUREFitness, we found it difficult to ignore the lack of focus on sustainability in the fitness industry. We had just about had enough of gym bros promoting plastic equipment, new fitness machines and high-protein diets containing heaps of meat and processed foods, so we decided to take a stand.

The time for action against climate change is now. We need to change our mindsets towards this “phenomenon” and start playing our part in preventing and reversing it. This needs to happen in all aspects of our lives, not just those aspects that are convenient to us. The Sustainable Living Movement is growing in today's society, but we all need to play our part in living and promoting it before it's too late.

The world needs more sustainable home gym equipment like ours. Unfortunately, there's just not very many eco-friendly fitness equipment brands out there. The plastics and non-renewable materials such as PVC that go into most home gym equipment brands do not degrade naturally and will probably end up spending thousands of years sitting in landfill sites, polluting our waters and harming our animals.

If we want to look after ourselves so much, why not look after the planet while we’re at it? Exercising with sustainable calisthenics equipment at an indoor/ outdoor fitness station in your home saves you the time and money required to travel to local gyms, while affording you more privacy and, in the current climate with COVID-19 around every corner, safety.

Who said our fitness regimes have to be so destructive towards our earth? Think of how much unnecessary energy is wasted in large commercial gyms across the world every day, and how much fossil fuels are burned by people on the way to and from these gyms. This is an entirely unnecessary use of resources: we could get the same results or better in terms of our fitness without ever leaving the comfort of our homes, with just the right know-how. That's where we come in.

Using natural calisthenics equipment is the single most sustainable way to exercise. Not only does training calisthenics use zero energy resources, but it also saves hugely on time. It is the superior training method in so many ways.

Using home gym equipment to start a calisthenics fitness regime will save on carbon emissions (by not needing transport), time (not needing to get to and from the gym) and money (not needing to pay for a gym membership). The more you think about it, there really is no downside. It's a no-brainer.

We believe that the home fitness revolution is upon us. The recent nationwide lockdowns due to COVID-19 were the first time many of us were forced to stay home for our fitness regimes, and many of us realized how much better off we are training at home. This home gym trend is here to stay, and TrainPUREFitness will be there with you every step of the way.

Don't waste your time and money investing in cheap training equipment made from unsustainable materials. Make an investment in some high quality calisthenics equipment and reap the rewards in the long run - for yourself and the environment - by not needing to replace and discard equipment after a few months of use.

TrainPUREFitness equipment is here to stay. When you invest in one of our products, you are investing in the long-term health of yourself and our planet. As well as being built to last, our home gym equipment is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Hence, you can rest easy that you will not be contributing to the detriment of our planet in the long-run.

It doesn't hurt that every time you invest in any of our equipment, a seed is planted from which a beautiful, oxygen giving tree will grow and help to protect the lives of your children and grandchildren.

Stand with us. Say no to unsustainably mass-produced fitness equipment and large commercial gym chains. TrainSensible, TrainPURE.

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