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Natural Birch Wooden Parallettes 25cm

Natural Birch Wooden Parallettes 25cm


Bespoke hand-crafted Birch wooden parallettes. 100% biodegradable and natural materials used.  Eco-friendly pushup bars with Zero Plastic Packaging.

  • 1 Native Irish tree planted locally for every set sold.
  • A sturdy sustainable wood design which can bear a heavy load of between 300-400kg on the 25cm shelf.
  • The wood itself is smooth and wear-resistant, the lines are clear and beautiful, it is anti-slip and has a cushioning effect, while staying durable and strong. These are guaranteed to be the best calisthenics pushup bars.
  • These sustainable pushup bars can be used for a range of exercises such as pushups, handstands, L-sits, tricep dips and many other variations.
  • For these excercises, the triangular fulcrum is more stable; the short shelf reduces the force so it does not vibrate, and the two sides are fixed and firm.
  • Can be used as calisthenics bars / calisthenics parrallettes / calisthenics handstand bars / pushup bars.
  • Easy to carry around, simple and practical design.
  • 60-day Returns Policy

    Try them out for yourself! 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

    If you don't like them, you have 60 days to send them back!